why is it that i never really know what i'm doing?

i went to school. got the 27k in debt to prove it. they taught me all kindsa nifty stuff.

and yet, what do i do when an 8 year old pees on the floor in a stream from the self checks to the kids computers? (and just how big is an 8 year old's bladder anyway?) what do i do when a man with garlic and steak breath professes his undying love to me. again. for the 3rd time today.
this is a chronicle of what i did, when the crazy happened. which, in a public library is much more often than you'd think. and which, they also don't teach you about in liberry skool.

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oh, and there's also a book review or two.

Monday, February 28, 2011

customers say the darndest things

so, this old guy comes up to me looking for info on Grace Metalious author of peyton place. he says he heard she was destroyed by the book and never did anything else. he's dying to know about her. well, we have no books about her, just peyton place. so, i'm showing him our biography resource center so he can look up articles on her.

he says to me: i can't believe a woman could write anything so powerful.

WTH??? first of all, peyton place is a soap opera on paper. they turned it into a soap opera on t.v. in the 60's too.
i'm not even going to address the woman thing. fat old ass.

i should have told him how feminine he was for thinking that about a damned soap.

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  1. There's never a shortage of tards....
    good to read you again!