why is it that i never really know what i'm doing?

i went to school. got the 27k in debt to prove it. they taught me all kindsa nifty stuff.

and yet, what do i do when an 8 year old pees on the floor in a stream from the self checks to the kids computers? (and just how big is an 8 year old's bladder anyway?) what do i do when a man with garlic and steak breath professes his undying love to me. again. for the 3rd time today.
this is a chronicle of what i did, when the crazy happened. which, in a public library is much more often than you'd think. and which, they also don't teach you about in liberry skool.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

convo with a patron just now

man with handlebar mustache *out of the blue interrupting a conversation i was having with a small child*:
yeah, i got kicked out of college. i was on the dean's list and they put my name in the paper and the big wigs got all mad *waving arms* and they threw me out of college!

me: *deadpan* wow, that must've sucked.

mwhm: yeah, and while they were doing that to me, the FCC put country music out of business. so, no more wows.

me: *incredulence* and....when was this?

mwhm: years and years and years ago.

me: oh, somebody should've told garth brooks.


  1. Hmm, I had an irate guy with a handlebar moustache and a mullet yesterday claiming that the kid sitting across the table from him was invading his computer and keeping him from applying for a job. Do you suppose it was the same guy? I figure the kid was just saving him from the heartbreak of yet another failed job interview.

  2. oh lordi, it sounds like the same guy:) can you imagine doing that interview?